Ancient methods of pottery working and systems of decoration, even inherited from the Etruscan civilization, make it possible to reach a balance in shapes and colours and thus present a collection of unique objects

egan italy

Expert artisans take care of the creation of all our articles, using ancient methods which perfectly combine earth and fi re, meeting the most modern technologies.

Imagination in the choice of colours, extreme accuracy of the painting, love for details make each piece a little work of art.

Egan was founded in Pollenza, in the hardworking heart of the Marche region

Producing exclusive homeware items with Italian design. Hand painted ceramic and high quality porcelain, with great emotional impact.

It develops quickly with a strong identity and a considerable brand awareness among the fi nal public.

A licence agreement with Walt Disney was signed.

Egan started to be active in the Loyalty channel.

It was awarded as the best Walt Disney patentee in its category in Europe.

Egan was taken over by well-known enterpreneuers who had been working in the silver and jewel fi eld in the Marche region for over 40 years.

New licence agreements were signed with IMPS for “The Smurfs” and with Fox for “The Simpsons

New licence agreement was signed with Laurel Burch.

New licence agreements were signed with PANTONE and Keith Haring.

New licence agreement was signed with Britto.

Internal Team Design made of skilled professionals capable to interpret and follow the most demanding market and design requests.
Possibility of developing bespoke projects

Handicraft ceramic: 2 production units (Italy and Romania) with a production capacity of approx. 300.000 pcs. yearly
Porcelain: 2 main suppliers with a production capacity of approx. 100 millions pcs. yearly